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Videos documenting some of CSS's current and recent editions.

Museum of Fine Art–Boston Interviews James Stroud

The Museum of Fine Arts recently interviewed James Stroud for their exhibition of John Wilson's work currently on display at the Museum. 

John Wilson: MLK Etching States

From the CSS archives: John Wilson's MLK etching went through many states before the final print. This slideshow highlights the process Wilson went through in developing the image.

Moving Day for an Etching Press

Part one of a two part series. Center Street Studio moved a 2300-lbs. etching press as an installation in the CSS booth for the AD 20/21 show at the Boston Center for the Arts, Cyclorama Building in Boston's South End. The task entailed craning solid pieces of steel weighing 500 lbs. and a big metal frame down multiple stories and moving them in time for the show. 

Stay tuned for the second video of the press in action printing artist George Whitman's lioness etching as a demo for show visitors!

On Press: Printing George Whitman's New Etching Untitled (Landscape II)

Center Street Studio is pleased to present a video short on the printing of George Whitman's newest work with CSS: "Untitled (Landscape II)." This short is a look at the process that goes into printing this incredibly detailed, beautifully crafted plate.

Markus Linnenbrink: IHEARDYOULOOKING Slideshow

The newest work from Markus Linnenbrink and Center Street Studio, IHEARDYOULOOKING, monotypes 52 x 39.5 inches each. Music: Over the Ice by the Field

Bill Thompson: 20 Years of Printmaking at Center Street Studio

This past month marked the 20 year anniversary Bill Thompson's printmaking partnership with Center Street Studio. To celebrate the date, Bill and CSS featured a comprehensive exhibition of Bill's body of work at the President's Gallery at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. For more pictures and information on Bill's work, please visit

Jeff Perrott: Untitled Assemblage

Jeff Perrott's newest water color monotypes, Untitled Assemblage, printed and published by Center Street Studio. View Jeff's work at

James Stroud: Open City Paintings

Open City. New paintings, exhibition at Galerie Mourlot, 16 E 79th St., NY Background Music: "Brooklyn Bound" by The Black Keys (The Big Come Up)

Jeff Perrott: Dervish Monotypes

Artist Jeff Perrott was invited to come to Center Street Studio to pursue a watercolor monotype project. This series of unique prints is the result. Contact jstroud@centerstreetstudio for availability and price. Visit for more information on Jeff's work.

Markus Linnenbrink: ValleyoftheDolls

In 2009 German painter Markus Linnenbrink came to Center Street Studio to pursue his second monotype project with master printer James Stroud. Contact jstroud@centerstreetstudio for availability and price. Visit for more information on Markus' work.

Markus Linnenbrink: Mudhoney (VOTD)

MudHoney (VOTD) is a monotype project made from the residual ink left on the press after printing Markus Linnenbrink's ValleyOfTheDolls monotypes. Contact for availability and price.

Kelly Sherman: To Move (Ours. Mine.) (The Making of)

This video moves the viewer quickly thought the process of making a photo-etching of conceptual artist Kelly Sherman's 'To Move (Ours. Mine.) project. Visit the website form more information: Visit for more on Kelly's work.

James Mustin: Ovid III Graffiti Prints

Master Printer James Stroud invites graffiti artist James Mustin to Center Street Studio to make a giant etching of Mustin's new tag 'Ovid III.' The result is a series of monoprints using various color 'fills.' For more information and images of all the prints, visit