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Eva Lundsager: Constellation

Center Street Studio is pleased to announce the publication of a new series of watercolor monotypes with artist Eva Lundsager, Constellation. Click the images below to see the artist's CSS page and more work from the project. From the artist:

These are constellations of paint that become multiple animated puddles, creatures, beings, stars and planets, accumulations of paint growing out of a process that combines the accidental with the controlled, deliberate mark. It was a joy making these, hard fought at first, slow to figure out how to work with the materials, eventually building in ease and flow, one after the other. While planning and working on these I thought of Miro’s Constellations, whichI saw in 1993 at MOMA, and as I finished them I thought of this summer of the eclipse, when we all looked up at the same time.

Our viewpoint is somehow part of above and below, we are rooted even as we move through the atmosphere, part of the ground and part of the space surrounding it. The constellation seems to move between the two as well, we see it above our world, multiple animations moving in space, sometimes coming back down towards the ground, sometimes moving into the ground.

I’m stuck to the ground but I’m always looking up into another space, to the sky, the stars and planets, and seeing this as a vehicle for imagination, imagining other worlds, other lives, other possibilities, other ways of existence. Imagination, putting yourself into an experience you haven’t literally had, is the start of empathy. We could use more empathy right now.

Matthew Carter: a-z 

Center Street Studio is pleased to announce the publication of the print portfolio "a–z" by type designer Matthew Carter.The portfolio contains 26 letters of the alphabet, all lower case, etched into copper plates with aquatint. The edition was printed by master printer James Stroud. All 26 letters are Carter's personal favorites and are all from his designs created, both historical and contemporary, over his long career. They include designs from existing typefaces and typefaces that are still in-process. The entire portfolio comes in a portfolio box with a hand-bound with Carter's personal notes on each design.

For details and pricing, please contact James Stroud at or through the Contact page.

Bill Thompson's Edition Selected for Prix de Print Winner

Bill Thompson's new print 'Edition,' published by Center Street Studio, was selected as Art in Print magazine's Prix de Print in their January/February issue. Congratulations Bill!

Projects On-Press at Center Street Studio: Matthew Carter's A–Z Portfolio

CSS is headed into the holiday season at full steam! Renowned type designed Matthew Carter is collaborating with a CSS on a new portfolio of Carter's greatest type designs. You can find more information about the project below. You can also find a great write up on Carter in a recent article in the Boston Sunday Globe.

Link to the Boston Globe's Five things you should know about Matthew Carter , by: Jack Newsham

(click photo to link to the Globe's website)

(photo: Aram Boghosian, The Boston Globe)

(photo: Aram Boghosian, The Boston Globe)